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How to Unlock Rocket Jetpack in LEGO 2K Drive

Who said your car must be stuck to the ground? Go into the sky with a rocket jetpack!




The Rocket Jetpack is one of the many unlockable power-ups you can find throughout LEGO 2K Drive’s campaign.

This type of jetpack is exclusive to the Big Butte region and it will allow you to reach places that you couldn’t reach before. It also gives you quite a large boost of speed!

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to be able to unlock this power-up.

How to Unlock the Rocket Jetpack in LEGO 2K Drive

Source: WarbyGaming

You can unlock the Rocket Jetpack exclusively for the Big Butte County region, and you will also need to meet a few pre-requisites first.

To get started, you will need to complete the following races in Prospecto Valley: Vessel Run, Down on the Farm, and Gold Rush. They will appear on your map as you complete story quests.

Complete all races and you will be able to start the Crash Landing quest in Big Butte County, it’s given to you by Dr. Fastro.

She will say that some rockets have gone haywire and it’s up to you to recover them! She will mark all of them on your map, so just follow the markers.

Once you see a rocket, approach it and touch it to instantly grab it, then bring it back to Dr. Fastro. Be careful, though, since the rocket will greatly boost your vehicle’s speed and make it harder to control!

Bring back all 6 rockets and Dr. Fastro will celebrate and thank you. As your reward, you can now use jetpacks while you are in Big Butte!

Rocket Jetpacks are a type of power-up, so you just need to collect them in the world to activate them. You will find them as a pair of floating rockets with an icon of a wing in the center, as pictured above.

That’s all there is to know about unlocking the Rocket Jetpacks! Make good use of this power-up to explore new parts of the region and reach places you couldn’t reach before.

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