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House Flipper: How to Change Office

House Flipper lets you change your house and decorate them, but can you also change your office as well? If yes, then how?




House Flipper is a simulation game in which you buy run-down houses, renovate and decorate them, then sell them for a profit, thus the name. It has a number of fun mechanics and the gameplay is good overall, making it a fun simulation game you can sink your hours into.

One of the many things that players have been asking is whether or not you can change your office. Well, the answer to that is Yes, but how?

How to Change Office in House Flipper

The process of changing your office in House Flipper is actually pretty simple. First, you have to head over to the house you want to make an office.

Once inside, simply go to the game’s Menu, and choose the Move Office Here option. After doing that, you should receive a prompt saying you have selected a new office.

What to Do after Changing Office

The very first thing that game will prompt you to do is to pick a spot for your laptop. Once you’ve done that, you can just go ahead and start decorating your new place. You also have the option to head over to your old office to flip it for a profit.

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