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House Flipper: Top Tips That Will Improve Your Game | Beginner’s Guide

House Flippers allows you to become the interior designer of your dreams, but you will need a lot of tips when you first start.




House Flipper is a simulation game that allows the opportunity of a lifetime to work as a one-man renovation crew. In the game, you will purchase, repair, and remodel homes that have been damaged and give them a second chance at life. You will have a collection of tools and parts at your disposal. Utilize them to make the best home and make a HUGE profit! 

Top Tips That Will Improve Your Game in House Flipper

Your main goal in House Flipper is to renovate houses, and earn money. To do so, you will use a collection of tools and certain parts.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you might get overwhelmed by the number of tools and tasks that you need to finish. Don’t worry. This guide will teach you useful tips that can help you as a newbie.

Beginner Tips

Here are some Beginner Tips to help you get started:

Saved Game: Starting a new game will automatically delete your new file. Surely, you don’t want that to happen. One way to save your game is by adding profiles. This is especially recommended for people who play the game with their families.

Checklist: Did you know you don’t really need to read through emails to know what you need to do? Yup, you can just accept them right away and check your tasks later on when you arrive at the house. Simply use your tablet and you will see your tasks.

Purchasing: While doing your tasks, you might come across a message requiring you to buy a certain item to proceed. You don’t need to search the store to buy one. Simply click the item on your tablet and it will directly lead you to the item in the store.

Don’t Panic: When assembling something, a lot of things may happen that will be out of your control unless you have already finished assembling. You can just clean up the mess later on.

White Dot: The white dot on the center of your screen is something you need to keep an eye on when cleaning dirt. Point the white dot in the dirt’s area, instead of the object.

The Fence: In case you don’t know, you can switch between jobs by going to the fence outside of the current house. You will not receive any penalties for doing so and you can just come back later.

Basic Painting: If you already have enough resources, you might consider upgrading this perk. Painting a wall can waste a lot of paint since you don’t automatically stop painting. The upgrade will cause you to stop once the color is already plastered on the wall, wasting no paint.

Outlets: When doing outlets, you don’t need to follow the highlighted wire or screws. This will prolong your work. Instead, do all the wires first and then proceed to screw them.

Cockroaches: Roaches can be hard to clean since they move a lot. If you want to make your life easier, go to settings and check the box beside “Display broken glass instead of cockroaches” and you’re good to go.

Zoom: On your minimap, you can see the things that you need to do marked by red, black, or gray objects. Those that are marked green indicate that it’s been completed. You can zoom in and zoom out, whichever you prefer, to see them clearly or check your overall progress.

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