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Payday 2: New Update 221 Review | New Poison Grenade Launcher, Sniper, and more.

The new Payday 2 Update 221 features a lot of new exciting things, including a new Poison Grenade Launcher, Sniper, and more.




Payday 2’s newest 221 update has a lot of things in store for players. This includes a new DLC pack containing three weapons that players can purchase if they’d like. Among the new weapons are a poison grenade launcher, and a sniper. Aside from fixes, the new update also gives access to new ammo.

New Update 221 Review in Payday 2

Update 221 brings the new McShay weapon pack which is the second DLC in the Midland Bundle. This DLC contains new weapons and also gives access to the ammunition version of the Viper Grenade, available to use for all grenade launchers.

This guide will update you with the new weapon pack and what else is there in the new patch.

Update 221

Aside from in-game fixes, the new update features the latest McShay Weapon Pack, which contains three new weapons that players can obtain once they purchase the DLC or the Midland Bundle.

The Basilisk 3V is a new secondary weapon slot grenade launcher. With the new Burst Fire mode, you can dominate the battlefield with fast explosions while pumping out grenades. For all Grenade Launchers, the Pack also includes the ammo version of the Viper Grenade. This grenade allows you to fill any area with toxic gas while remaining at a safe distance.

Another weapon is the SG Versteckt 51D Light Machine Gun which is a belt-fed LMG that is tiny and concealable. The weapon’s smaller frame prevents it from using bipods, but it does allow it to be held like a rifle and use its iron sights instead, or any other sight depending on the player.

Last, the Pronghorn Sniper Rifle is the first sniper rifle for the secondary weapon slot, and it’s concealable. This bolt action sniper rifle will make an excellent backup to your main sniper rifle or your brand new bullet hose LMG.

Other items you will obtain are:

Weapon Charms

  • Hanging Cactus
  • Cowpoke
  • Lucky Horseshoe
  • Payday Cup
  • Hold ‘Em High
  • Lost Ranger

Exclusive Weapon Sets

  • Open Range Sniper Mod Set
  • Venomous Mod Set

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