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Stellaris: How to Build a Legendary Fleet

In Stellaris, you must always be prepared for battle, and the fleet is your greatest asset.




A ship is a spacecraft under the power of an empire. Specific ships are the primary means of engaging with objects and certain entities in space.

Civilian and military ships are divided into two categories, with the former being managed individually and the latter forming the fleets. All ships must be built on a starbase with a shipyard module, or a Mega Shipyard, or a Juggernaut with Federations Federations enabled.

How to Build a Legendary Fleet in Stellaris

Stellaris has a unique and sophisticated unit design system, which is based on the ship’s accessible sections and weapon research. We recommend you regularly use the panel for two reasons.

First, for your military ships or fleets to remain valuable on the battlefield, and second, for your enemies to have a difficult time facing you. You may access the design panel by hitting F4 on the keyboard or from the main interface.

Building a Legendary Fleet

Military ships are all of an empire’s armed warships, and unlike civilian vessels, you can organize them into Fleets that are directed by an admiral. Monthly upkeep for military ships includes both Energy and Alloys, created by a Ship Designer.

The Ship Designer tab allows you to choose your own components. The unit statistics on the left side of the screen change as you employ different parts. You can create a new unit design by selecting the button indicated in the image. You’ll notice an additional panel with a list from which you can select the unit you want.

As for military ships, you must focus on building Interceptors or Corvette in the early game, and swarming Missiles later on when you reach the late game content. Picket Ships are also a good choice during the first phase as it can complete void unupgraded outposts.

Military Ships are categorized according to their hull sizes. The Corvette, Destroyer, Cruiser, and Battleship are the four hull sizes available. If you have the Apocalypse expansion and the Juggernaut Federation expansion, two more sizes are added: Titan and Colossus.

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