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Stellaris: What Are Juggernauts and Are They Worth Building?

Juggernauts are one of the most important members of a fleet battle in Stellaris. They are shipyards, hangers and repair ships in a battle.




Apart from the fact that it can repair and construct ships, juggernauts are a big highlight of Stellaris because they are essential if you have a ship.

What Are Juggernauts and Are They Worth Building- Stellaris

A Juggernaut is mainly used for its proximity to the front line; however, it is pretty useless in the game’s current format. A Juggernaut also can be used for so many other things, which will be noted in this article

What Are Juggernauts?

Juggernauts are colossal ships that can construct, repair, and upgrade ships the same way a starbase can. It has ten times the hull points of a Titan and features six Hangar slots and two turreted Extra Large slots. It also has its aura components, far more potent than the Titan.

 Juggernaut appears in the middle to late game (depending on your technology level), but by that time, the primary galactic actors in your empire have large fleets and a lot of them. One ship can’t do much about that so that it won’t hold a flank for you, and it won’t push its way through enemy territory based on its statistics.

The Juggernaut will be awakened by a technology that involves the research of Citadels and Battleships. To build one, a Starbase will also require a Colossal Assembly Yard. The Colossus and the Juggernaut require (and unlock) the Colossal Assembly Yard.

Are they Worth Building?

Juggernauts are worth building as they have a lot of benefits, one being to be used as a home base by fleets. They have two shipyards and can simultaneously build or upgrade up to two ships. Titans and Colossi cannot be made.

However, they can be upgraded or repaired. The Juggernaut can update itself and will begin fixing itself after combat. At a starbase, it cannot be repaired or enhanced. Like all regular fleets, Juggernauts can retreat and go MIA before reappearing at the nearest. 

On X25 crisis strength, Juggernaut is essentially a prerequisite to winning. When your fleet strength is large enough, the 40% range bonus allows you to outrange the crisis fleets, winning without sustaining any losses.

On the other hand, you’d need a considerably stronger fleet if you didn’t have the range benefit because it allows you to fire two, sometimes even three volleys before the opponent fleet can fire back.

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