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Stellaris: Which is The Best Relic In the Game| Relic Tier List

In Stellaris, relics are pretty valuable, and each one has both a passive and a potent Triumph function that needs resources.




Relics are essential that when an empire occupies an enemy’s capital, they have a 5% chance of stealing a single relic, and they don’t get to choose which Relic they take. Barbaric Despoilers have a 10% chance of seizing a relic when they land on their enemy’s capital.

Which Relic is the best in the game- Stellaris

Relics are powerful artifacts and prizes that an empire can obtain by defeating a crisis or possessing the necessary DLC. During the Triumph cooldown period, no other relics can be activated. The majority of antiques need ten years to cool down.

Forge War  Cybex

The Cybex were a predecessor empire entirely composed of machines that intended to wipe out all organic species in the cosmos but were allegedly annihilated. You’ll be guided to Cybrex Alpha, a wrecked Ringworld Megastructure, after collecting all six artifacts in random anomalies and events across the galaxy. The Cybex War Forge artifact will be awarded to you after your scientific ship investigates the system. In exchange for 150 influence and 10,000 minerals, the Forge’s triumph effect grants you 5000 alloys.

The Huntress’s Blade

After completing the Fossilized Remains Excavation Site, the Blade of the Huntress was found in a random relic world. It may provide both your naval and army units a boost.

Zarqlan’s leader

When exploring a relic world, you may come upon the Ancient Tomb Archeology Site, which, when dug, will reward you with the Head of Zarqlan relic. Furthermore, suppose a Holy Guardians Fallen Empire is formed in your galaxy.

You will get 150 influence with them and permission to colonize their treasured Holy Gaia Worlds without fear of repercussions and a passive impact of a 50% rise in spiritualist ethics attraction for your pops.

Miniature Galaxy 

You’ll be rewarded with the Miniature Galaxy relic if you come across a relic world and complete the Abandoned Ecumenopolis Archeology Site. It grants a passive effect of 5% research speed and a triumph effect of 50% research progress to any random technology for 150 influence.

The Surveyor

The Surveyor relic will be awarded to the Empire that successfully destroyed Ancient Mining Drones. As a passive effect, it adds one sensor range to your ships and starbases.

Vultaum Reality Perforator 

The Vultaum Star Assembly was a predecessor empire that went insane and destroyed itself. After collecting 6 Vultaum artifacts, the Vultaum’s previous home system will be unlocked and explored, yielding the Vultaum Reality Perforator relic. The Perforator has a passive effect of reducing pop amenities usage by 10%.

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Fastest Easy Ways To Unlock BUSO HAKI V3 In Pixel Piece

Make it fast and easy by reading this guide!

Doben Villaruz



Some of us who enjoy playing video games are also fans of anime like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, and they’re very popular right now because they not only have a TV show but are also featured in various games using mods and occasionally fan-made games. I know that some of you haven’t yet acquired the Buso Haki, but if you want to do so much faster than everyone else, then this guide is just for you.

Buso Haki V3

For those who are new to the game and are unaware of this process, you must wait until nighttime (in-game) because you’ll be entering the Vaill Island, where you must first reach Level 70+ because you won’t likely survive if you don’t level up. You’ll also need $5000 in order to activate a quest from an NPC in that island.

So when you get to Valli Island, you’ll run into an NPC wearing a hat who will give you a mission that requires you to pay $5000. Once you do so, a new objective with the words “Battle 4 Ancient Gorilla of 0/3” appears up on the bottom right of your screen. At that point, you must defeat the Gorilla Boss.

The boss gorilla must be found and defeated three times; he deals a lot of damage when he pounds the ground and hits you with his shockwave fist, thus having teammates who are at the same level as you or who are strong enough to defeat the gorilla will actually speed up the battle.

It is actually recommended to find the respawn point every so often to make your life easier. When you get to the part where the gorilla is, you need to do this so that when you die, you won’t have to go to a random island and it will be a hassle to navigate through the world again just to find one island and beat the Gorilla boss.

The Quest pop-up that was mentioned to you earlier on screen states that you should defeat the Gorilla boss at least three times. Once you defeat the Gorilla boss, you will level up, receive an item called “Soul of Armament,” and learn the skill Armament Haki.

When the Gorilla boss dies, it will take some time for him to respawn, and you will need to defeat him again until you finally defeat him on the third try.

Now that we have defeated the gorilla boss, let’s discuss the advantages of wearing these hakis. The Haki V1 will increase your melee/sword M1 damage by +6 and give you the ability to hit Logia users.

However, 50,000 Haki Mastery points are required to upgrade your Haki to V2. What does V2 offer in terms of benefits? You receive +9 more melee/sword damage than the Haki V1 with it.

And ultimately, of course, in order to truly unlock Buso Haki V3, you actually need 200,000 Haki Mastery points. The advantages of possessing this are that it increases your melee/sword damage by +14 compared to Haki V2, making it currently the strongest in the game.

It takes a lot of grinding to get to the 200,000 Haki point need, but there is an easier way to farm the points for V3. To do this, make sure you have reached Level 100; if not, continuing farming in the world you are currently in until you are powerful enough to reach the island where we’re going to farm the points faster.

You must travel to Syrup Island, which is between Vaill Island’s northeast and east. Once there, you’ll see a lot of players grinding against NPCs to gain Haki Mastery points more quickly.

Source: Nikkolapz from Youtube

You may have heard that you should grind straight to Arlo Park, but doing so will only slow you down because the NPCs there are much tougher than those in Syrup Island.

However, if you want to go for it and you have pals who can fight with the NPCs in Arlo Park, feel free to do so.


I hope this was of some help. A tremendous thank you to Nikkolapz for going over each of these details and explaining them so thoroughly. For better understanding check out his video:

The Fastest Easy Ways To Unlock BUSO HAKI V3 In Pixel Piece | FULL GUIDE

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