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Stellaris Overlord: Clone Army Build Guide

Stellaris Overlord introduces a new origin in 3.1 called the Clone Army, and players are looking for the best way to utilize its effects.




Stellaris is a massive science fiction strategy game from Paradox. Overlord is its full new expansion pack which grants access to new features that add more excitement to the game.

The expansion allows you to build specialized empires by negotiating (or demanding) contracts with your vassals, allowing you to tailor worlds toward economic, military, or technical advancement. However, Vassals have their own interests and will turn against you if you do not keep them on your side.

Clone Army Build Guide in Stellaris Overlord

There are currently five new origins to employ as starting sites for your empire, as well as new enclaves to encounter. One of these origins is the Clone Army which is part of the Humanoids Species Pack. This guide will teach you what benefits the Clone Army gives, and what build is best to use.

Clone Army Build

The Clone Army is said to be a species of short-lived and fertile soldier clones that are exceptionally proficient when it comes to matters of war. These soldiers were left masterless and alone, with unanswered questions regarding their engineered purpose and uncertain fate.

The Fungus Amogus is the best and the most highly recommended build as it will help you in your primary goal of conquering another empire around the first 20-30 years. Normally, your peak performance happens 30-40 years into the game.

For this build to work, focus on the following Civics:

Functional Architect: decreases build and maintenance costs for districts and buildings by 15% and adds one additional building slot

Pleasure Seekers: grants the ability to use the Decadent Lifestyle living standard and adds an additional 1% pop growth speed from Entertainers and 5% more amenities from Servants

Fanatic Militarist: decreases Influence Cost by 20% and adds an additional 20% to Ship Fire Rate

Spiritualist: allows the use of the Veneration of Saints edict and adds an additional 10% of Monthly Unity as well as decreases Edict Cost and Upkeep by 10%.

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