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Honkai Star Rail: How to Farm Relics

Get relics and equip them on your characters to give them an advantage!




There are many ways for you to improve the many characters in Honkai: Star Rail. One such way is through Relics which you can unlock sometime in the game’s story.

Farming these will be crucial to giving your team an advantage over some of the game’s most challenging content!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can farm as many Relics as you can.

How to Farm Relics in Honkai Star Rail


Relics are primarily obtained by completing the Cavern of Corrosion challenge game mode.

These are similar to the Calyx game modes where you spend energy to face waves of foes, then claim the rewards once you defeat them all.

You will be able to access the Cavern of Corrosion once you complete the “Cleanse in the Darkness Outside” main story quest. This quest unlocks at Trailblaze Level 24.

Mr. Yang will message you about opening the rift that allows you to play this game mode, so make sure to read your messages!

Source: JFMSTR

Just like with the Calyx, there are multiple Caverns of Corrosion spread throughout the planets you can visit. Each one will provide different Relics, as well.

You will also have to spend energy known as Trailblaze Power to play this game mode. It recharges naturally over time, but you can also recharge it with Stellar Jades.

The Caverns of Corrosion will also be added to the Survival Index in your Interastral Guide. This allows you to quickly teleport and navigate to any of the ones you’ve already found!

Just make sure to come well-prepared,. The foes in these challenges are quite tough. Make sure that you have a strong team that can exploit their weaknesses.

The Survival Index will also allow you to see which Relics you might find from each Cavern of Corrosion. With all that said, you now just need to repeat these battles over and over to farm Relics.

They cost quite a lot of Trailblaze Power, so you will need to get loads of Stellar Jades if you want to repeat them.

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