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Guild Wars 2: How to Convert Imperial Favor to Gold

Know the easy steps of gold-making through imperial favor.




Imperial Favor is the main currency in Guild Wars 2, so it’s only understandable how valuable it is, especially when buying items and other stuff.

But did you know that it can be used to make gold?

In this guide, we’ll show you different methods to convert your Imperial Favor into gold.

How to Convert Imperial Favor to Gold in Guild Wars 2

Source: Gaming Tutorials with Johny

To convert Imperial Favor to Gold, you first need access to the Imperial Favor Vendor. You can unlock it once you complete the Weekly Jade Vault achievement.

You can see the vendor inside the building shown in the picture above. It is close to the Monastery, so you can use it as your landmark.

That said, here are the various methods for converting Imperial Favor to Gold:

Method #1

Source: Gaming Tutorials with Johny

The first step is to visit the Imperial Favor vendor and buy the first four chests that you can see on the list.

Each chest will cost you 200 Imperial Favor, and you can buy each chest up to five times each week.

Each chest contains a lot of valuable materials. You also have a chance to get a tier 3 module upgrade and even the Dragon Void Infusions. You can then sell the Dragon Void Infusions for a hefty amount of gold at the Trading Post.

Method #2

Source: Gaming Tutorials with Johny

Still in the Imperial Favor Vendor, click on the third tab of the shop. There, you can also buy Antique Armor which will cost you some Imperial Favor and research notes.

You can then sell the Antique Armor to the Trading Post for around 1 gold and 30 silvers each. However, selling the leggings and coat will give you less profit than the others.

Method #3

The next method is to look for Leivas at Arborstone and buy an Antique Summoning Stone for 100 Imperial Favor.

Selling this on the Trading Post will give you a lot of profit. However, you will only be allowed to purchase 1 stone per week using Imperial Favor.

And before you can even buy from Leivas, you must first unlock Globalization from the Mastery under the Arborstone section.

Method #4

The last and probably the best way to earn gold is by crafting the Precursors for Generation 3 or Legendary weapons.

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