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Guild Wars 2: Unidentified Gear Guide | How to Salvage Gear

Let’s find out how to salvage gear in Guild Wars 2 franchise.




As you already know, in Guild Wars 2 you will find many items, and most of them will be salvageable.

In this game, the term ‘salvaging’ means crafting materials or upgraded components from other items with the use of various salvage kits.

A Guide for Salvaging Gear in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, four types of items can be salvaged. These are Dyes, Runes and Sigils, Salvage items and weapons, armors, trinkets and back items (all of these belong to the Equipment category).

However, you can’t salvage items that are soulbound to some other character, some items that belong to starting equipment, equipment that was purchased with Coin or Karma, equipment that was received from level rewards or a Level-80 Equipment Package, and equipment from story rewards (for example, masterwork weapons in Order weapon containers).

How to Salvage Components

In order to salvage an item, you should double-click on a salvage kit, then you should click on the item you want to salvage.

If the item stacks, for example, salvage items, you can salvage it repeatedly from the stack.

If you right-click the salvage kit it will allow to automatically salvage items of Fine and rarity or even lower, Masterwork rarity or lower and Rare rarity.

Of course, higher quality kits have a higher chance of receiving higher-tier crafting material than usual.

To sum up, items can also be salvaged for their upgraded components. And crafting material is constantly obtained during gameplay, so don’t worry because you will always have something to salvage.

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