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Guild Wars 2: How Mystic Forge Works | Mystic Forge Guide

Everything you need to know about Mystic Forge in Guild Wars 2 game.




If you’re a loyal Guild Wars player, then you’re probably interested in what Mystic Forge is. Basically, it’s a crafting station that you can find in different locations.

Also, near the Mystic Forge crafting station you can find Miyani who will provide to you various information about Zommoros and can also sell you recipes and items that can be used in forge.

So as you can see, the Mystic Forge has a very important function in the game.

All About Mystic Forge in Guild Wars 2

The first thing worth mentioning is Mystic Gambling. You can place four weapons into Mystic Forge in the hope that you will get a better weapon in return.

The next thing is Mystic Clovers. Ingredients for one Mystic Clover are: Obsidian Shard, Mystic Coin, Glob of Ectoplasm and 6 Philosopher’s Stones. There is also an option for 10 Mystic Clovers, and of course, you will need many more ingredients for that.

The third thing is the Mystic Salvage Kit. This one is very useful item and it’s very, very rare. You should have the following ingredients: 3 Mystic Forge Stones, Salvage Kit, Journeyman’s Salvage Kit and Master’s Salvage Kit.

Furthermore, with Mystic Forge you can upgrade materials into higher-tier materials. The most common way is upgrading from Tier 5 to Tier 6.

To do that you will have to have 50 Large Bones, Ancient Bone, 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust and 5 Philosopher’s Stones.

Also, you can change ascended armor and weapon stats in Mystic Forge. For Ascended Weapon stats you will have to have Original ascended weapon, Exotic inscription for the desired stats, 5 Globs of Ectoplasm, and Anthology of Heroes.

For ascended armor stats the ingredients are as follows: Original ascended armor, Exotic insignia for the desired stats, 5 Globs of Ectoplasm and Anthology of Heroes.

This is just an introduction, keep in mind that there are many more different recipes that you will discover during your gameplay.

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