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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make a Large Seafood Platter

Do you have a collection of seafood ingredients and don’t know what else to do with it?




The Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley are by no means complete. Players are still discovering new and fun combinations with ingredients to come up with dishes to fill up the recipe pages of the cookbook.

With the game barely a few weeks old, finding all the recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley won’t be completed anytime soon.

In this guide, we will be showing you one of the recipes we’ve discovered. The Large Seafood Platter. This is one of the good ways to unclutter your shellfish ingredient and turn them into gifts or gold if you sell them in the shop.

How to Make a Large Seafood Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you spend a lot of your time fishing and collecting shells by the seashore, you would have a sizable amount of shellfish ingredients in your inventory. To make a Large Seafood Platter would require you to use these items as your main ingredient.

If you have a good amount of these with you, head on over to the nearest cooking pot although we highly recommend you to use the kitchen at Remy’s place especially if you are experimenting with ingredients to combine and gauge his reaction if the combinations you put into the pot would be good or not.

Start putting your main ingredients into the pot

On your ingredients tab, select the shellfish category and start putting four of the shellfish ingredients. They could be clams, oysters or scallops. Mixing all the ingredients is also okay as long as you put four of them into the pot.

Save one slot for flavoring before you start cooking

For your fifth and final ingredient, head over to the fruit tab and get yourself a lemon to add flavour to your creation. Start cooking and voila, you have just created the Large Seafood Platter.

On a side note, if you want to make something smaller, you can just cook two types of shellfish and add one lemon. This would give you the Seafood Platter.

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