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Conan Exiles: How to Craft a Legendary Weapon Challenge | Exiled Lands

Complete the challenge and dominate the game.




Conan Exiles has recently launched the 3.0 version also named the Age of Sorcery; with it are new mechanics introduced in the game. It also includes a Battle Pass which can be leveled up by completing challenges.

One of these challenges is to craft a legendary weapon. This article will show you how to do it!

How to Craft a Legendary Weapon, Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles

This challenge is under the “Legendary” category, which rewards you with 150 XP upon completion. To craft a Legendary weapon, you must first have its recipe.

There are four locations for these recipes. You can find them in the Archives found in the Unnamed City, the Dark Library, in the Sunken City dungeon, in War Makers Sanctuary, or last in the Wine Cellar in Sepermeru.

Crafting a Legendary Weapon

The following are the Weapons that you can craft and where to find them:

Library of Esoteric Artifacts

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Go to the Unnamed City and exchange fragments of power from the library for recipes. Do note that this is RNG, so it may be challenging to obtain a recipe.

Fragments of power are dropped by bosses and chests around the Unnamed City. You need to obtain the Havoc and Malice and Whirlwind Blades scrolls.

Sunken City Dungeon

The first recipe is the Ancient Lemurian Axe found in a rune close to the entrance of the dungeon. You can find 3 more recipes underground.

The first underwater cave has the Ancient Lemurian Sword, while the second has the Ancient Lemurian Trident. The boss room has a tablet that unlocks the Daggers of Dagon.

War Maker’s Sanctuary

Fight until you reach the boss room. On the right of the dungeon exit, there is a tablet that unlocks the Blackheart Blade and the Blackheart Hammer.

Wine Cellar in Sepermeru

The boss has a chance of dropping the Khari weapons recipe scroll. Obtaining the scroll can be hard as it is RNG and this the only mob that drops Khari.

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