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The Cycle Frontier: Top Tips to Consistently Make Money

Making money on Cycle Frontier is a huge advantage to gain a quick access on higher armors and equipment, here’s how you can gain money consistently;




Cycle frontier is not an easy game especially if you are playing solo, there are tendencies where you will meet an opponent and a mob. When you experience too much death, it will lose your morale which also loses you capability to earn make more money.

The Cycle Frontier: Top Tips to Consistently Make Money

Here are some of the tips you can follow to consistently make money


Surviving is the most important part of making loads of money. If you are a new player, heading towards the loot is not a good starting option, you will encounter stronger players and mobs that might kill you. Always start looting at the extracting point and continue living until you can go up on higher Tiers.

Find a High-Density Mining areas

Another valuable piece to make a good amount of money is through mining. Ores like nickel, focus, velticites, are still a good piece of ores that is tradable for a good amount of money. Ores are a good money changer, pick them up, fill your bag with it, then sell it to gain more income.

Avoid having contacts with players

Cycle Frontier players master the killing of opponent with a thinking of “they have a load of loots”. Avoid direct contact with them because, you might get killed, and dying means loosing too much money.  You can still make friends, but most of the time, it is better to be alone.

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