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The Cycle Frontier: How to Repair Your Gear Guide

In The Cycle: Frontier, repairing gear is critical and easy to accomplish.




All items do need repair at one point in time. For example, the Common shield is meant to be 600, but when you check, which is less than 600, you need to get it repaired. 

How to Repair Your Gear Guide: The Cycle Frontier

Usually, when your gear is damaged, you get a notification. The workbench in the crafting building can be used for crafting and mending. The building has a large neon sign with an arrow that says “CRAFTING,” so finding it should be simple.

Find the Crafting Building

To start repairing, you need first to find the Crafting Building. Finding the building should be easy, as it has a big neon sign with an arrow that says “CRAFTING.”

When you locate the crafting building, go to the front desk and interact with the workbench. Then, players can craft and repair at the craft printer.

Look for the Gear Printer

The Gear Printer is next to the ICA faction in the game’s lobby. This feature of the game is unlocked from the very start.

The gear printer has two different tabs you can switch between Craft and Repair. The “Repair” section is where you will need to repair your gear. Hovering over the mouse with the gear that needs to be repaired will give you detailed information about the item and the required resources for the repair.

Pay a Certain Number of K-Marks

Repairing is relatively simple. While in the repair tab at the workbench, look for the item you wish to repair. You’ll need to pay a certain number of K-Marks. On top of that, each repair takes little to no time to complete. Click repair to begin repairing.

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