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Swords of Legends Online: Fix “Internal Server Error: None”

Step into the shoes of a cultivator in this gorgeous Free-To-Play MMORPG!




Swords of Legends Online can be described in a single world: Breathtaking.  Out of all the MMORPGs I touched, this is by far the most beautiful one and it’s easy to get lost in the game’s world.  It offers a vast majority of things you can do.  Whether you’re into casual house-building or hardcore raiding, the game caters to all walks of life in it’s playerbase.

As with a lot of MMORPGs there is a caveat to being free to play.  One of the errors that plagued players when the game launched for the western audiences is the pesky “Internal Server Error:None”. 

While this should have been fixed by the developers in a patch long ago, if you are still experiencing this issue, there is a known solution that proved effective against this roadblock.

Fix “Internal Server Error: None” In Swords Of Legends Online

In most cases Verifying Integrity of Game Files does not really fix this issue since it’s more a client-side problem than anything Steam offers. The solution is pretty much a simple one, albeit a really annoying thing to do. 

Their servers seem to clash with some antiviruses, and usually, disabling your antivirus while getting into the game seems to have solved the problem for most people experiencing it.  Every antivirus has a different way of disabling it.

Simply turn off the antivirus you’re currently using as you’re getting into the game and you can enable it again once you’re in.  It’s not a permanent fix as you would need to do it every time you get in the game, but it works nonetheless. 

Hopefully, the developers can offer a more permanent solution for players that still experience this issue!

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