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Swords of Legends Online: How to Become a Student

Leveling in Swords of Legends works a bit different than in most MMORPGs. So, here, we’ll explain how you can change your beginner character into a plain 1 student.




In most MMORPGs, your character’s level increases automatically when you receive enough experience points, but that is not always the case in Sword of Legends Online.

In this game, levels work more like martial art ranks – meaning you’ll have to consult your master before progressing from beginner to student.

How to Become a Student in Sword of Legends Online

How to Become a Student in Sword of Legends Online

After you’ll start the game, your character will have the “beginner” rank assigned automatically. Levels in Sword of Legends are tied to your rank, which can be upgraded after reaching a certain point – in this case, level 36.

Once you’ll do that, max out the experience bar at the bottom of your screen. Now, you should receive a letter (by “receive” I mean it should spawn in your inventory) that will invite you to talk with your master.

Class Promotion

How to Become a Student in Sword of Legends Online

Return to your class hall, where you’ll find a new quest. Complete it to receive a promotion to Student 1, which will unlock most of the game’s main content. Most importantly, you should have access to the rest of the main story questline.

But you should also be able to buy a house now, unlock most of the PVP content and multiplayer dungeons. From this point onward, the game’s world is completely free for you to explore – what you’ll be doing is only up to you!

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