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Swords of Legends Online: How to Get and Change Mount

The world of Sword of Legends Online is massive, so traveling on foot can take a while. Fortunately, there are over 50 available mounts in the game to speed up the process.




Mounts are a common collectible in MMORPGs and Sword of Legends Online is no exception. There are 53 mounts available to you, but most of them are pretty hard to get, unless you don’t mind spending some Crimson Coins in the Crimson Coin Shop.

How to Get and Change Mounts in Sword of Legends Online

How to Get and Change Mounts in Sword of Legends Online

There are a lot of different ways to get Mounts in Sword of Legends Online, but before we’ll get into them, let’s explain how you can access the mounts tab.

Mounts can be accessed by opening the skills menu (by default bound to the “K” key) and choosing the 4th tab on the left. From there, you can choose which mount will be bound to the mount button ( “T” by default) by picking it as your favorite.

Without doing that, pressing the mount button will summon a random mount you own. Also, keep in mind the game will only summon a specific mount if it’s the only one you’ve set as your favorite.

Buying Mounts in Sword of Legends Online

How to Get and Change Mounts in Sword of Legends Online

Currently, most mounts can be bought by using one of the many shops in the game. Those in Crimson Coin Shop require you to buy Crimson Coin with real-life money.

Some can be bought from the Point Shop – points are obtained by doing daily tasks. Crystal Dust Shop also sells some Mounts. Crystal Dust can be obtained as a reward from the Crystal Dust Shop or by doing the “Sword Master Adventure” quests.

Different Ways to Obtain Mounts

There are a few mounts you can get either for gold or by requiring specific requirements. Here is the full list of those:

  • Levitating Sword – Obtained during leveling.

Ice Realm Fire Fox – Obtained from Day 4 of Student Login Rewards.

Masked Panda – Obtained from Wash Basin event during beta.

White Ghost Tiger – Summoner exclusive mount.

Green Suan Ni – Chance drop from Raging River Ruins (Hard) last boss.

Lion-Horse – Sold by Qin League Merchant Zou Qi for 240 Gold (Requires Qin League Prestige Lv. 8).

Winter Horse – Sold by Qin League Merchant Zou Qi for 680 Gold (Requires Qin League Prestige Lv. 9).

Scarlet Horse – Sold by Alliance Merchant Zeng An for 180 Gold & 10000 Alliance Contribution (Requires Alliance Prestige Lv. 9 & Alliance Lv. 10)

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Genshin Impact: Thutmose’s Secret Base Password | Hidden Mercenaries Quest Guide

Access the Thutmose’s Secret Base. Just say the word!





The newly added map location, Sumeru, is an island that has a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered. One of which is the password for you to enter Thutmose’s Secret Base.

Looking for the password and unlocking the base is [art of the Hidden Mercenaries quest. In order to finish the quest, you must be able to find out the password to the pyramid.

The location of this pyramid can be found between the Valley of Dahri and the Dune of Elusion. If you try to access this, you will need to approach the Operate Device and it will ask you for the password. Since you still haven’t learned the password, Paimon will give a suggestion on how you can know Thutmose’s Secret Base password.

Find out the secret base’s password by reading through the end of this guide.

Thutmose’s Secret Base Password | Hidden Mercenaries Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

Once you interact with the Operate Device, there will be nothing you can give since you still do not know the secret password yet. From there, Paimon will ask you to listen and follow some Eremites around which you will be doing.

To start with that, you have to look for an Eremite NPC walking around. But it will be not just any Eremite NPC. You have to look for the one with the light sign on the head.

With that, try to walk to the east of the pyramid. As you go through that side, you will see a lady Eremite. Since this is a secret password, you can’t just walk to her and ask for the password because there is no way she will give it to you.

Having said that, you have to switch from running to walking. Keep a close distance from the lady but make sure she doesn’t see you, so make sure to follow her stealthily.

From time to time, the Eremite will have short monologues that you have to pay attention to.

After a few minutes of following her, the lady Eremite will mention to herself the password to the pyramid: Marg bar parvezravan.

Now that you already know the password, go back to the front of the pyramid entrance. Interact again with the Operate Device, and choose the first option.

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