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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Singing Ruins Wind Chamber Puzzle Solution

Complete a platforming puzzle to unlock the Air Dash skill!




Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a lot of puzzles that you will need to deal with as you explore the game’s levels.

The Singing Ruins is one such puzzle area. You will need to deal with powerful winds and use large steel blocks to find a path, and you will get the Air Dash ability for your troubles!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete this section of the game.

How to Solve the Singing Ruins Wind Chamber Puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: LunarGaming Guides

You will reach the Singing Ruins from the Timeworn Bridge. It’s a gate on a distant spire, but you can actually just jump toward it as the wind will carry you there.

Once you’re in the Singing Ruins proper, go to your right to find a crack in the wall that you can shimmy through. It

will lead you to a room with a simple puzzle involving container-like devices. For the sake of understanding, we’ll be referring to these large metallic rectangles as just containers.

Source: LunarGaming Guides

Look to your left to find the first container in front of you and above Cal. Use Force Pull to drag it out.

Turn around and go to the right of the entrance to find a second container next to a metallic sheet on a wall. Pull it out and then wall run across the sheet.

Jump onto the container then onto the platform in front of you.

Source: LunarGaming Guides

You will find the third and final container at the end of this platform. As always, use Force Pull on it to bring it out. A large cylinder will descend from the top of the ruins!

Get back on the second container and face the wall with the entrance to this room. Find the grapple point and grab onto it, then wall run across the wall to reach the first container.

Jump off the container onto the wall and run across it until you find a metallic mesh in the ceiling. Grab onto the mesh and hang from it. It will lead you to the exterior of the room, so just follow the linear path until you’re overlooking the large cylinder.

Jump to the rope and swing onto the cylinder to reach the bottom of the room. Try to jump to the exit and Cal will get swept away!

However, that will complete the puzzle and unlock the Air Dash ability. Air Dash through the gust of wind and exit the area.

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