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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Orb and Beam Puzzle Solutions in Devastated Settlement

Move the orbs to toward the tuner beam to solve the puzzle.




One of the areas you’ll come across during the main storyline is Devastated Settlement. You’ll eventually reach it as part of the Research Tanalorr mission.

In this area, you’ll encounter a puzzle that requires you to move the orbs into the Koboh Tuner Beams in three different parts.

If you don’t know how to solve this exact, this guide will help you out.

Orb and Beam Puzzle Solutions in Devastated Settlement in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Research Tanalorr mission will take place in two different locations. One takes place in Koboh while the other takes place in Shattered Moon.

In the Koboh part of the mission, you will have to solve the orb and beam puzzle in the Devastated Settlement.

As there are three parts to this puzzle, it can be a bit tricky to figure out.

We have the solution for that below.

Puzzle #1

Source: Gamerpillar

The gist of the puzzle is to look for a power source for the Koboh Tuner Beam.

You will find the first puzzle inside a cave. Head inside it to find a wind wave with a droid guarding it. Defeat the droid, and after that, rotate it to cause the energy beam at the back to move.

However, you’ll notice that a large cube is blocking it. Squeeze through the gap in the wall then Force Pull the cube to move it out of the way. Rotate the wind vane once again to move the beam.

This will destroy the barrier, revealing the first orb. Pull it out from its dock then place it to the other dock to the right. Make your way through the gap and take out the orb once more.

Carry it all the way to the tuner beam outside. Now, interact with the tuner beam and point the laser at the Koboh barrier to the lower right.

This will create an updraft that you can use to get to another cave containing the second orb.

All you have to do is ride on a relter to take you there.

Puzzle #2

Source: Gamerpillar

As soon as you reach the entrance to the next cave, you’ll be met by several enemies. Take them down so you can proceed to start the puzzle.

Head to the left to find a cracked wall. Force Pull the cracked wall to reveal a device inside. Meanwhile, in the center of the room will be an energy beam. Pull out its orb then place it on the device on the wall.

This will open up the secret wall right next to it. Head inside the newly opened wall. Cal will then comment about an overgrown Koboh matter on the machine nearby.

Interact with the machine to obtain the Koboh grinder upgrade for BD-1. You’ll be using it to solve the puzzle.

Proceed to face against the wall with the beam, then use your newly obtained upgrade to spray Koboh matter.

Spray a trail of Koboh matter leading to the Koboh barrier on the wall to clear them up. Then, go back to the previous room.

Pull out the orb from the device then put it back to where it previously belonged. After that, spray a trail of Koboh matter once again to both the left and the right walls.

Climb up the wall on the right and pull out the orb once again. This time, place it on the dock to the upper right which is now cleared up of Koboh barrier.

Next, run through the wall on the right to get to the other side.

Afterward, pull out the orb then carry it all the way outside. You’ll find a gap to the far right that will lead you outside. Place the orb on the tuner beam.

As with the first puzzle, point the laser toward the Koboh barrier right in front of you to create an updraft. Ride the relter to the left to take you to the last cave holding the final puzzle.

Puzzle #3

Bedlam Raiders will be waiting for you once you arrive. Take care of them first before you head inside.

Source: Gamerpillar

Keep moving forward and look for a cracked wall to the left. Shimmy through the gap to enter the room with the puzzle.

Once inside, look to your right to find a broken pipe with a cube. Force Pull the cube then push it toward the door to prevent it from closing.

Head inside the room then look for the orb on the left corner.

Pull out the orb then carry it back to the previous room. Place it on the device to create a beam then pull back the cube and place it in front of the energy beam.

After that, face the beam and spray Koboh matter all the way to the right. Make a trail leading to the Koboh barrier on the right side to clear it.

Once the barrier is removed, pull out the orb once again, head outside, and then place it on the tuner beam. Point the laser toward the Koboh barrier on the lower left.

It will then create an updraft that will take you all the way to the Grand Courtyard. Simply ride a relter as usual to take you to the newly accessible area.

At this point, you have already completed all of the orb and beam puzzles in Devastated Settlements.

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