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Soul Tide – Reroll Guide & Tier List

Whether you want to get a particular character in Soul Tide or simply get the best possible team, you should get acquainted with the character’s trier list and the rerolling process.




Soul Tide is a new anime Gacha Game, with a colorful set of characters you can collect. As it happens with gacha games, which characters you’ll get will depend heavily on your luck, which is why you might be tempted to make use of rerolls. And, of course, to know which characters to get, you might want to use a tier list.

How to Reroll in Soul Tide

Rerolling in Soul Tide is a slow and painful process. You’ll need to either uninstall the game, delete your ID by going to GachaGameData>Data>com.Gacha>shared_prefs>com.GachaGame folder on your phone or use an alternative e-mail account.

Other than that, you’ll have to purchase new rolls with the in-game currency.

If you decide to use the first option, you’ll need to replay the first 15 minutes of the game, consisting of the first three tutorial levels.

Since the auto-battle option is unlocked after these levels, you’ll need to do every fight manually.

After reaching the point of the game where you’ll be given first rewards, you’ll be able to freely pull again from a selection of banners.

Soul Tide Character Tier List

Interestingly, most of the best characters in the game are given to you at the start of the game. Here are three tier lists, taking into account the character’s usefulness depending on their roles:


Akaset – Tier 1 

Freesia – Tier 1

Alisa – Tier 1

Andrea – Tier 2

Mako – Tier 2    

Ennis – Tier 2

Satya – Tier 3

Dreizehn – Tier 3


Freesia – Tier 1

Nicolette – Tier 1

Asuna – Tier 1

Lilyiro – Tier 2

Dreizehn – Tier 3

Lin – Tier 3

Aurora – Tier 3

Benten – Tier 3

Lavira – Tier 3

Yuki – Tier 3       

QuLing – Tier 4

Ennis – Tier 4

Andrea – Tier 4

Juewa – Tier 4

Satya – Tier 4

Ruri – Tier 4

Netsuki – Tier 4

Gawana – Tier 5

Minerdwen – Tier 5

Ruri – Tier 5

Colcher – Tier 6


Colcher – Tier 1

Virgina – Tier 2

Nicolette – Tier 2

Minerdwen – Tier 3

Akaset – Tier 3

Alisa – Tier 3

QuLing – Tier 4 

AmaneInori – Tier 4

Mako – Tier 4

Juewa -Tier 5

Netsuki – Tier 5

Benten – Tier 5

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