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Sniper Elite 5: Sight Beyond Sights Trophy Achievement Guide

Now that Sniper Elite 5 has been released for fans worldwide to enjoy, completists will be wondering how they may obtain all of the game’s trophies and achievements.




The game’s layout and prize system are largely similar to those found in previous Sniper Elite games. Obtain all collectibles, complete the game on genuine (hardest level), earn a slew of mission-specific trophies, and rack up a slew of kill-related awards (can be done via save reload).

Sight Beyond Sights Trophy Achievement Guide- Sniper Elite 5

Other trophies indicate that players will have to employ a variety of weapons and equipment to kill foes in both the story and online modes, and there are also allusions to an enemy named Möller.

Before achieving the platinum trophy, achievement hunters should anticipate triggering several classic Sniper Elite x-ray kill cameras of this person’s assassination.

Kill Moller With a Rifle In Iron Sights

This can be found in Mission 9 (Loose Ends). Abelard Moller, the mastermind behind Operation Kraken, is trying to escape. You are to stop him from leaving Chateau De Berengar alive.

To start this mission, change the sight of a rifle to Iron Sights and select the lowest difficulty Civilian (Very Easy), which has no bullet drop or wind effects, then start the game. Hold your breath and get close to the screen to see the target more quickly than kill the target while looking down the rifle’s Iron Sight. 

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