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Sniper Elite 5: Safe Location in the Resistance Safe House

One of the critical objectives of Sniper Elite 5’s task 1, The Atlantic Wall, is to obtain intelligence from the resistance headquarters.




The walkthrough shows where to find the hideout and how to protect it. It also shows where to find the safe and how to retrieve the key to the safe after reaching the attic of the building. 

Safe Location in the Resistance Safe House- Sniper Elite 5

One of the two main objectives of operation 1 is to obtain information from the Resistance headquarters. Therefore, to find the resistance safe house, you need to follow these easy steps.

Travel the Main Town

The resistance hideout will not be marked instantly by the game; you will discover it as you walk across the map. Therefore, it would be best to travel to the main town, and the building you seek is located in the map’s southwest corner.

You can approach the yellow building from the east and the northeast. However, it will need you to pass through the town’s major streets, so make sure you deal with at least some of the close foes ahead of time.

Enter the Yellow Building

You can try to take out several of them with long-range bullets or take them out one by one as you come closer to the structure. Once you get into the yellow building, you will find stairs to climb up to the second floor and enter a room you will find.

A safe is hidden on the floor close to the bed in one of the bedrooms. You will find a hole in the attic, so you need to get up there, but you must leave the building and check out the front wall. After that, you can start climbing the vines.

Get the Marcel’s Key

Finally, you will reach the shutter leading to the attic, where you should examine Marcel’s corpse. You will get Marcel’s Key. Look through the room, and you will find the last hole in the attic floor. Blow it up and head down to the second floor.

Discover the safe in one of the bedrooms, and you will find a safe hidden on the floor next to the bed, use marcels key to open it and retrieve Intel.

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