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Skull and Bones: Maangodin Ghost Ship Guide | Contract, Rewards, Location

A deadly encounter!




The seas of Skull and Bones have a lot of dangerous and challenging enemies waiting for you. From all the ships you can run into, one of the most unique and deadly ships is the Maangodin.

Other than this ship being extremely strong, it is also a spectral ghost ship. Our in depth guide looks at everything there is to know about the Maangodin. From the rewards you can get, to how to approach the fight, be fully prepared before facing up to this ship.

Maangodin Ghost Ship Guide


the oceans apart quest at the mysterious rogue vendor

The contract for the Maangodin can be found at the Mysterious Rogue vendor. From the available contracts, accept the “Oceans Apart” quest. Upon accepting the quest, you will see a marker on the map leading you to the ships location.

Across the vast map of Skull and Bones, you will be able to find plenty of other contracts too. Be on the lookout for these contracts as they can lead you to amazing treasures and rewards.

map showing the location of where you get the quest and where the ship is

On the map above, we have marked the location of where you can get the contract and where you need to go for the quest. The ghost ship is very close to where you actually find the contract.

Location and Encounter

Once you are inside the area marked on the map, you will find yourself in a very eerie setting. The ship appears only at night, so make your way into the area when the sun sets. You will know you are close when there is a lot of fog around you.

Besides the atmosphere, the encounter itself is very challenging. The Maangodin will instantly be hostile towards you when you first see it. Upon seeing you, the ship will rapidly approach you and start firing at you.

the ships weak spots

Alongside its speed and high damage, the Maangodin has a lot of HP. Your best course of action here will be to target the ships weak spots. These weak spots will be glowing red on the ship, making them a bit easy to see.

Hitting the weak spots will deal extra damage to the ship. While aiming for these weak spots, make sure you have enough distance from the ship too. Being too close to the ship is very dangerous because it will try to ram into you and try to set you ablaze using its flamethrower.

Other than testing your strength and skill, the encounter also requires a lot of endurance. It is an extremely long fight that doesn’t allow a lot of mistakes.


screen you see upon defeating the maangodin

For such a tough encounter, the rewards you earn have to be really good. You will get a bunch of resources upon defeating the Maangodin, including rare chests and Ethereal Ashes. The loot will automatically go into your inventory when you take down the Maangodin.

After the fight, make sure to go back to the Rogue Merchant from whom you got the quest. The “Oceans Apart” quest had a reward of Silvers, which you will now be able to claim.

Skull and Bones allows you to play the game alongside friends and other players online. Utilize this feature and take on the Maangodin with other players to make the fight easier.

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