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Siralim Ultimate: How To Get Nether Stones

Gotta catch ‘em all has a whole new meaning in this exciting new addition to the Siralim series by Thylacine studios.

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As gripping as the gameplay is, most of the elements of the game comes from the characters and powerups you gain to make them stronger. While gear is a given, there is one rare tool that allows you to get that power boost. The element of luck will play for this particular item.

How To Get Nether Stones – Siralim Ultimate

While most of the game’s items come from loot boxes, Nether Stones are obtained by chance in those boxes as well. Gear is needed for progression, and while the stones are not needed to progress through the game, they add a boost of power that could be useful especially when tackling stronger foes.

The developers mentioned in their recent podcast that they wanted to add an element of luck in the game to make it better for those who enjoy the endless, loot grind.

It adds a part of a game that may seem repetitive to some but is enjoyed by most people that like min-maxing their characters’ stats.

For Nether Stones, your best friend is sheer luck and perseverance. As mentioned, these stones can only be obtained through opening chests and there is a miniscule chance of getting it as a drop.

As they are really rare, the developers made it so that you can still comfortably play even if you don’t have a single one.

Best pray to the luck gods and wish on a chest before opening them!

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