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Siralim Ultimate: How To Fuse

What’s next after you have collected all the monsters you can acquire in Siralim Ultimate? It’s time to combine them, of course!

Iris Ruiz



One unique aspect of the game is combining certain monsters to acquire stronger ones that will help you progress through the game. This mechanic is not new to this genre but it still is something that players like to get creative with. Here are the things you need to know about fusing in Siralim Ultimate.

How To Fuse – Siralim Ultimate

Fusion in this game is very straightforward and easy. While you will be tempted to just take your original monsters to endgame, fusing them would give you additional boosts to monsters you already have.

As a monster-taming game, collecting all the monsters is the default endgame for most people, but certain aspects are improved by getting those monsters stronger.

To fuse monsters, you would first need two creatures from your stables to fuse together. After that, you get to choose the appearance your monster will draw from, this is good if you’d like to have a certain monster’s appearance retained.

While the appearance is retained, the color palette is a different story, the fused monsters will always take the second parent’s color scheme.

For example, if you have a green Swampdweller and a blue Yeti, you can choose if the offspring would be any of those appearances but will always be derived from the Yeti’s color scheme.

It will not be just blue but rather you can choose the color you have from the right hand side of the results page.

As you can see from the image above, the Swampdwellers’ primary colors are based on the colors of some parts of the body of the Yeti

Have fun fusing!

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Genshin Impact: Thutmose’s Secret Base Password | Hidden Mercenaries Quest Guide

Access the Thutmose’s Secret Base. Just say the word!





The newly added map location, Sumeru, is an island that has a lot of secrets that are yet to be discovered. One of which is the password for you to enter Thutmose’s Secret Base.

Looking for the password and unlocking the base is [art of the Hidden Mercenaries quest. In order to finish the quest, you must be able to find out the password to the pyramid.

The location of this pyramid can be found between the Valley of Dahri and the Dune of Elusion. If you try to access this, you will need to approach the Operate Device and it will ask you for the password. Since you still haven’t learned the password, Paimon will give a suggestion on how you can know Thutmose’s Secret Base password.

Find out the secret base’s password by reading through the end of this guide.

Thutmose’s Secret Base Password | Hidden Mercenaries Quest Guide in Genshin Impact

Once you interact with the Operate Device, there will be nothing you can give since you still do not know the secret password yet. From there, Paimon will ask you to listen and follow some Eremites around which you will be doing.

To start with that, you have to look for an Eremite NPC walking around. But it will be not just any Eremite NPC. You have to look for the one with the light sign on the head.

With that, try to walk to the east of the pyramid. As you go through that side, you will see a lady Eremite. Since this is a secret password, you can’t just walk to her and ask for the password because there is no way she will give it to you.

Having said that, you have to switch from running to walking. Keep a close distance from the lady but make sure she doesn’t see you, so make sure to follow her stealthily.

From time to time, the Eremite will have short monologues that you have to pay attention to.

After a few minutes of following her, the lady Eremite will mention to herself the password to the pyramid: Marg bar parvezravan.

Now that you already know the password, go back to the front of the pyramid entrance. Interact again with the Operate Device, and choose the first option.

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