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Lost Ark: What Is The Best Mount To Get

The new glavier patch that just dropped added new mounts to the online action role-playing game. Which of these mounts is the best to get, and what makes it stand out?




The glacier patch gave players of the online game two new mounts accessible by players in North America, the European Union, South America, and South Korea. The first mount is the tiger mount available from the arc pass at level 10, on a free track.

That it’s on a free track makes it available to everyone that buys the super-premium pack that can catapult such a player to level 10. The second mount is the golden cloud, and you can buy this in the shop by going to packs and buying the glavier special package. Unfortunately, this pack is quite expensive with the other extra features.

What Is The Best Mount To Get? – Lost Ark

To start with, both mounts cover a reasonable distance when it comes to jumping using the spacebar.

Distance Covered

When we compare the new mounts, Cerberus, and the horse you first get in the game, Cerberus covers more ground. However, the tiger mount covers more than the golden cloud among the two new mounts.

Cooldown Time

The cooldown time for each mount also matters as we see Cerberus having a 12-seconds cooldown, the Tiger mount with a 10-seconds cooldown, and the Golden could with a 5-seconds cooldown.

The Best Mount

Going by these metrics, if we’re to do a little calculation to see which will be more efficient with the distance and cooldown, the Golden Cloud tops all the mounts. So, you want to get the Golden cloud before it gets more expensive over time.

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