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Lost Ark: How to Properly Fuse Gems| Gems Guide

Gems can help a lot with late-game content in Lost Ark, but it’s difficult to get the exact gem you need.




In Lost Ark, gems can be leveled up through the Gem Synthesis window in the game, but the gem type and effect it gives are random. Some players may be lucky to immediately obtain the attributes they want, while others have to wait for a long time before finally getting the appropriate gems for them. So, how do properly fuse gems?

How to Properly Fuse Gems in Lost Ark

Gems become available starting Tier 2 content and above. There are two types of Gems in Lost Ark: one can lower the cooldown of your skills while the other increases the damage of your skills. You can acquire gems in many different ways. But, how do you properly fuse them?

Gem Synthesis

On the bottom left of your inventory, you can access the Gem Synthesis window which is right next to the dismantle button. To fuse gems, you will need to place three gems of the same level in the open slots to fuse them into one level higher.

The best way to fuse gems is to only fuse gems lower than level 3 that you don’t use on a skill.  This is because when you fuse a gem, the passive effect actually changes and the outcome is random. Rerolling gems also costs a lot of money and gets even more expensive the higher the level. It is recommended to sell gems that you do not use in the Auction House and just buy the gem you need instead of rerolling.

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