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Hyperbolica: What to Do in the Café?

The Infinity Café is one of the areas in the mind-bending puzzle game Hyperbolica. This guide tells you exactly what you need to do in it.




What needs to be done at the Infinity Café in Hyperbolica is relatively simple. You need to help serve the tables. But as usual with the game, even basic things like this can be somewhat confusing. This guide will help you.

What to Do in the Café in Hyperbolica

After you first enter the café, you will be greeted by an orange robot which will explain things about the café. After this conversation, you should walk behind his desk to enter the café properly. There are many other robots here. You can speak with them for fun if you wish.

When you’re done conversing with the clients in the café, you should head to the kitchen. You might have noticed the café is divided into 4 different color-coded sections. This is visible on your map as well. What you have to do is walk to the back wall of the blue section until you find the kitchen pictured below.

What to Do in the Café in Hyperbolica

Speak with the waiter and the chef. They will ask you to help serve the tables. Agree to help to start a table-serving minigame. Now you just simply need to complete the minigame in the given amount of time. Just run over to the targeted tables and give them their orders. It can be a tad challenging, but you get an infinite amount of tries.

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