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Hyperbolica: How to Find Benni

If you want to get the true ending in Hyperbolica, you’ll have to find Benni after collecting all the trinkets. But where exactly is he?




To fully complete the game, you’ll have to present all the 25 trinkets you’ve collected to another famous collector, known as Benni. But since finding him is one of your last challenges, his location is notoriously hard to find. So, here’s where you can find Benni in Hyperbolica

How to Find Benni in Hyperbolica

Benni is located in the hidden portion of the NEMO – the location you need the ticket to enter. He stands on top of one of the pillars, but to get there, you’ll have to do some platforming.

Climbing the Exhibits

The route to Benni starts near the giant teeth and toothbrush sculpture. Climb the toothbrush and follow the white, moving platforms through the museum. However, you might have some trouble reaching one specific platform.

Hard to Reach Platforms

The first problematic jump is the one from the pink palm tree to the platform. Don’t jump from the tree – instead, first move to the “sun” next to it to gain some elevation. From that point, you shouldn’t have any trouble reaching the platform.

Meeting Benni

The next platform should take you straight to the top of the big pillar, and on top of it you’ll find Benni. Talk to him to get the „The missing piece”  achievement and unlock the possibility of getting the true ending. Just remember to bring all of the trinkets with you!

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