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How To Unlock New Characters in Gatekeeper: Infinity | Pandora & Bastion

Where is the other half of the characters?

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How To Unlock New Characters in Gatekeeper: Infinity | Pandora & Bastion Featured Image

Gatekeeper: Infinity is a fast-paced rogue-lite shooter. If you are new to the game, you will realize that only two of the four characters- Hybrid and Nidum- are available. But how do you unlock new characters in Gatekeeper Infinity?

To unlock new characters, which are Pandora and Bastion in Gatekeeper Infinity, you must first fulfill certain conditions for each character. For Pandora, you must activate Apothesis for the first time and find the Hammer of Dawn to unlock Bastion.

How To Unlock Pandora

You can obtain Pandora by entering an alternative portal that appears every tenth stage. The alternative portal, highlighted in orange, is called “Apotheosis.”

You will encounter it for the first time in the tenth stage. If you are ready to end the run, press E to activate it when you get there.

After activating Apotheosis, the game will immediately end the run, and a new character will be added to your roster.

Pandora, as a mage, can heal her allies, slow enemies down, and stun them. Since her damage combines with her ability to survive when the right skill upgrades are added, she is capable of completing challenging stages solo, effortlessly.

Pandora’s basic character abilities are Luminary and Emission:

LMB – Activates Pandora’s Luminary ability, which will fire projectiles of concentrated light.

RMB – Activates Pandora’s Emission ability. It’s a straight-line impulse, instantly dealing %500 damage.

How To Unlock Bastion

Compared to other characters, obtaining Bastion is a little bit more grindy. Because you must find Hammer of Dawn, which is not marked on the map.

Although Hammer of Dawn might randomly spawn in other locations, you can find it in the Rune Wood location at the Aurora level.

Once you are at the location, head upwards. Behind the trees, you will find the Hammer of Dawn hidden.

You’ll have to search for it since it doesn’t appear on the map. You must have at least 10 Omni Stones (gold gems) with you.

You will need them in order to activate the Hammer of Dawn, which requires 10 Omni Stones. Omni Stones persist after completing the game, so it’s wise not to spend them all on unlocking new items.

After activating the Dawn Hammer, you will have Bastion, the stalwart defender, as a playable character.

Bastion is a skilled melee berserker capable of stunning enemies. All of his abilities are geared toward stunning, and a large health pool prevents him from quickly perishing.

Bastion’s basic character abilities are Dawnbreaker and Earthshatter:

LMB – Activates Dawnbreaker: Slow swings with a two-handed hammer. Damage to stunned enemies +100%.

RMB – Activates Earthshatter: Strikes the ground with the hammer, dealing damage around itself. Stuns when upgraded.

That’s how to unlock new characters in Gatekeeper: Infinity. Pandora and Bastion add diversity and depth to the game. Explore, strategize, and enjoy each character’s unique abilities.

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