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How to Solve the Bridge Puzzle in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Learn a new ability to cross this ruined bridge!




You will eventually have to cross the Timeworn Bridge as part of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor’s main story.

However, Cal is ill-equipped for crossing the bridge. You will have to solve a variety of platforming puzzles and learn a new ability to complete this area.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to learn the Air Dash ability and how to cross the Timeworn Bridge.

How to Go Through the Timeworn Bridge in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Source: WoW Quests

At the first gap on the bridge, look for a container-like device and pull it to reveal an entrance to some ruins on a faraway pillar.

You can reach the entrance by just jumping toward it, the strong winds in the area will help you reach it. This will allow you to enter the Singing Ruins.

Shimmy through the gap in the wall and follow the path to reach a circular room with three more containers. Pull the first container to your left.

Source: WoW Quests

Now pull the container to your right and wall run toward it. Get on the platform and pull the third container to make a cylinder fall in the middle of the room.

Wall run until you’re on top of the first container you pulled, then jump to the wall in front of you and grab the metallic mesh on the ceiling.

Keep using the metallic mesh until you reach the end, then jump onto the rope and swing to the cylinder. You will end up on a circular platform surrounded by strong winds.

Try to jump to the exit and Cal will fail spectacularly and be dragged away by the winds!

After the cutscenes, you will get the ability to air dash. Use this newfound power to jump over the large gaps in the area and follow the linear path until you’re back at the Timeworn Bridge Meditation Point.

Using the Air Dash to Go Over the Timeworn Bridge

Source: WoW Quests

Welcome back topside! Now, make your way back to where you pulled the container that opened the path to the Singing Ruins. You can now jump the gap with your air dash.

Take out the Stormtroopers then jump on the metallic wall to go into the hole. This will take you to a lower part of the bridge.

Wall run and air dash your way onto the far-away platform, then turn left and jump to the next platform.

Double jump and air dash toward the metallic mesh when you find it, then use it to maneuver to the next platform. Then wall-run on the panels and jump onto a slide.

Be ready to air dash onto another mesh after the slide! Climb the mesh until you find a seemingly unreachable section to your left.

Double jump off the mesh and air dash toward the next section, then climb up and follow the path until you reach a slope. A couple of Stormtroopers are nearby, but they’re no threat at this point.

Deal with the enemies and jump off to the pillar with the mesh that’s far away. Climb up and jump onto the steel pole, then jump off the pole onto the ground.

All that’s left is to follow the linear path until you reach the Sanctuary Temple. Congrats, you’re done with the Timeworn Bridge.

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