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How to Tame Nekko Mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

This helpful bird mount is necessary to traverse slippery slopes!




There are a couple of mounts you can ride in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. They’ll help you get to areas that Cal can’t access by himself.

The Nekko is a two-legged bird capable of moving through slippery terrain.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find and tame this mount.

How to Get the Nekko Mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Source: ZaFrostPet

The Nekko can be tamed once you complete the main objective at the Forest Array. You should be in a ravine known as the Nekko Pools, which is where you will find a lone friendly Nekko.

Start from the Meditation Point at the Nekko Pools and look for a slippery path with water running down.

You can’t walk on the ground here, since the water makes Cal slide down, so you will need to run on the walls.

Run from wall to wall until you reach a grappling point. Grapple onto the vines and climb them until you reach a broken steel beam.

Drop from the beam to fall on a slippery slope, which will force you to slide down onto a large area with a pool of water.

While facing the pool, turn to your left. You should see a damp dark cave in front of you, so just walk up to it and Cal will make a comment: the Nekko is your ticket outta here!

Just approach the friendly creature and press the prompt on the screen to tame it, you can now use it as your mount anytime!

The Nekko is capable of traversing the wet slippery slopes in the area. Pretty handy, considering the only way out is one of these slopes!

Additionally, you can do a super jump off of the Nekko’s back when you press the jump button twice. This allows Cal to reach new areas that are unreachable with regular jumps.

Of course, you can also use your lightsaber to attack while riding it, and it’s much faster than being on foot.

That’s everything there is to know about the Nekko mount!

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