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Honkai Star Rail: Trailblaze Level 1-20 F2P Progression Guide

Breeze through your first 20 levels as a free-to-play player.




As a gacha-based game, Honkai: Star Rail will often require you to spend real-world money to progress further into the game.

Despite it being a free-to-play game, it does involve pay-to-win aspects in it.

That said, you can still progress far into the game as an F2P player. You just need to know how you can efficiently do so. This guide will help you out.

How to Reach Trailblaze Level 1-20 as an F2P in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: Sethphir

First things first, you want to focus on leveling up your characters as high as you can. Ideally, you want to focus on leveling up the four main characters that make up your team.

Next to that, you want to focus on leveling up your Light Cones, though you have to focus on specific Light Cones for this purpose.

Some of the best Light Cones you can level up early on are as follows:

  • Collapsing Sky – This one increases the basic ATK and Skill DMG of your character. Besides, your main character starts with the Destruction Path which makes it perfect to use.
  • Woof! Walk Time! – This is yet another good Light Cone to level up as it boosts the wearer’s ATK and increases their damage against burning and bleeding enemies.
  • Only Silence Remains – This one is perfect for Dan Heng as it increases his ATK and CRIT Rate at the same time.

Third, you want to make use of any available relics. While you’re still under level 20, you will be able to obtain relics from chests.

There will also be some quests that will reward you with some relics.

Source: Pocket Tactics

That said, while the relics you get aren’t all that good, the stats that they provide can greatly help you progress through the game. This is especially true if you’re still leveling up.

Once you gain access to the Cavern of Corrosion, only then will you be able to farm much better relics than the ones you currently have.

Source: Prima Games

Other than these, you can just progress through the game normally, making sure to complete quests along the way until you reach Trailblaze Level 20.

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