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Honkai Star Rail: Where to Spend Trailblaze Energy

Don’t waste your Trailblaze energy on activities that don’t matter much.




Trailblaze energy, also called Trailblaze Power, shares the same mechanics as Resin in Genshin Impact.

It’s basically energy that you spend on certain missions and activities so you can run them and receive rewards upon completion.

However, you won’t be using it when doing main story quests. Instead, you can only use it to farm certain rewards such as cosmetics, Ascension materials, trace materials, credits, etc.

That said, the entire system can be a bit confusing, especially for new players. If you don’t know where you have to spend your Trailblaze Power, this guide should help you out.

Which Activities to Spend Your Trailblaze Energy in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: EODGamer

Trailblaze Power caps at 180, so you need to use it whenever possible so it can regenerate right away. On average, one Trailblaze Power refills every six minutes, meaning it will take roughly 18 hours to hit the cap.

Of course, there are a few ways to restore your Trailblaze Power if you want to do more activities and don’t want to wait for it to fully restore.

You can either spend 50 Stellar Jades which will restore 60 Trailblaze Power, or use 1 Fuel to restore the same amount.

That said, here are the activities where you can spend your Trailblaze Power on:

Cavern of Corrosion

Source: Followchain

The Cavern of Corrosion is where the relics drop, making it a great place to farm relic sets for your characters.

You will be spending around 40-50 Trailblaze Power to enter the Cavern of Corrosion.

However, if you’re still in the early game, it’s best that you focus on your Light Cones first. You can proceed to farm relics once you hit the mid-game.

Crimson and Golden Calyx

Calyx dungeons come in both Crimson and Golden versions, each offering different rewards upon completion. Each Calyx dungeon will have different Buds that you can challenge, costing 10 Trailblaze Power each to enter.

If you want to farm EXP and Credits, the Golden Calyx is the best option. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for Trace materials, we recommend going for the Crimson Calyx.

Simulated Universe

Source: Polygon

The Simulated Universe is an activity that will reward you with Aeon’s Blessings for each successful run.

Since it will reset every Monday, you can look forward to various rewards and Blessings that you can get every week.

Stagnant Shadow

The last one is the Stagnant Shadow mission which will cost you 30 Trailblaze Power to enter.

This mission will have a total of seven levels that get progressively difficult the further you go. Of course, the higher the level of the mission, the better rewards you can get.

It’s the perfect activity if you’re planning to farm character ascension materials.

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