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Goat Simulator 3: The Big Red Button Guide

Be careful with the menacing-looking button!

Nicole Barelli



goat simulator 3 the big red button guide

Coffee Stain North continues to spicy the chaotic Goat Simulator 3 with fun events. The Big Red Button event is one of them, and your goal is… well, to press a red button! Sounds simple, right? But, of course, you need to know exactly where this button is. And here’s what this guide is here for!

The Big Red Button Guide – Goat Simulator 3

The Big Red Button’s location is on the eastern side of the small town of Svirage. Teleport to the site if you have unlocked the town’s Goat Tower or run there if you haven’t.

goat simulator 3 the big red button guide2

Speaking of towers, once you get to the town, you’ll need to look out for an enormous tower with a cabin on top. That’s your destination!

At the foot of this tower, there are two fans. Jump on one of them, so the air will propel you upward.

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Inside the tower, you’ll find three scientists. Get rid of them so they don’t get the wrong idea and start kicking you around. You’ll also quickly notice the panel’s three big, menacing-look red buttons.

Hit the latitude and longitude buttons until they both read “too high”. Then, headbutt the LAUNCH button!

goat simulator 3 the big red button guide3

A cutscene will show a missile approaching the town. Once you can move again, look for the parking lot where the missile fell. Hit it with your head to cause an (enormous) explosion!

This will mark the completion of the event and give you your rewards, which include 10,000 Karma points and the Fallout Boi outfit inspired by the Fallout series.

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