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Goat Simulator 3: Swedes Assemble Guide

Building a memory of home.

Nicole Barelli



goat simulator 3 swedes assemble guide

Weird and funny events bring even more weirdness and fun to Coffee Stain North’s Goat Simulator 3. And here we are for the Swedes Assemble event! Curious about what’s it about and how to complete this absurd task? Then read on!

Swedes Assemble Guide – Goat Simulator 3

While exploring the quaint suburbs of Suberbsville, you’ll come across a house that triggers an event called “Swedes Assemble!” and it will be described as, “Help Sven build a piece of Sweden.”

goat simulator 3 swedes assemble guide2

So, how can we help our friend Sven?

You’ll find blue boxes with the Swekia label scattered in and around the house. Grab those with your tongue and place them on the blue mat where Sven is.

Headbutt them to break them and reveal parts of the furniture that you’ll need to assemble. Once you’ve got enough parts, the “piece of Sweden” will be built.

And… it’s basically a teleportation device for more Swedes to come into Suberbsville!

goat simulator 3 swedes assemble guide3

This will solve the quest, but there’s something else!

Step into the portal to get teleported inside the Swekia warehouse (a homage to IKEA). Make your way up the top to collect your reward and a trinket near the exist of the warehouse!

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