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Genshin Impact: Yelan Build Guide | Artifacts, Weapons, Teams

The new Genshin Impact 2.5 Update introduces a new 5-star Hydro Character, Yelan, who utilizes a bow.




Based on her character description, Yelan is a mysterious character who likes to disguise herself and may or may not work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. To put it another way, not much is known about our new 5-Star character’s identity.

However, a lot of information regarding her artifacts, weapons, and teams is available.

Yelan Build Guide in Genshin Impact

Yelan is all about running around opponents while dealing damage simultaneously with her Lingering Lifeline skill. She utilizes the distance to fire her Breakthrough Barb targeted shots and her Exquisite Throw to boost other damage-dealers like Xingqiu’s Raincutter burst.

Since most of her damage scales with HP, she isn’t overly complicated to build, which is good. This article will teach you how to build Yelan, what weapons and artifacts are best to use, and what team comps work best for her.

Building Yelan


The best weapon for Yelan is naturally her own, the Aqua Simulacra. This 5-star bow gives your CRIT DMG and HP bonuses, providing an extra DMG boost when enemies are nearby.

Aside from that, it IS Yelan’s weapon, so it absolutely fits her design-wise. Suppose you can’t get your hands on the Aqua Simulacra. In that case, other 5-star Bows like Polar Star and Elegy of the End are great alternatives.

For players who don’t have access to 5-star Bows, the Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow also make excellent alternatives. The Favonius Warbow boosts Energy Recharge and generates Elemental Particles, which helps Yelan’s Burst be available more frequently.

If you’re planning on utilizing Yelan’s Burst, we’d recommend the Favonius Warbow, while elemental users should go for the Sacrificial Bow.


The best artifact set for Yelan is a 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate. Yelan is considered a Sub-DPS, so the best way to play her is by utilizing her burst to support other characters in your team.

This 4-piece set will allow Yelan to use her burst as many times as possible. However, to have a more balanced build, you can use a 2-piece Heart of Depth, and another 2-piece of either Noblesse Oblige, Emblem of Severed Fate, or Tenacity of the Millelith.

Focus on the following stats and substats:

  • Circlet of Logos: CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG
  • Sands of Eon: HP%, Energy Recharge
  • Goblet of Eonothem: Hydro DMG Bonus
  • Substats: CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, Energy Recharge, HP%

Skills & Team Comp

Turn Control, one of Yelan’s passives, raises her maximum HP based on the number of Elemental types in the party. Since both her Elemental Skill and Burst scale with her maximum HP, you’ll want to go for the full benefit of 30%.

Also, Normal Attacks activate the passive Hydro Attacks from the Burst. So, when it comes to your team comps, you will need three distinct Elements and a Normal Attack damage dealer.

The recommended team builds for Yelan are:

Best Recommended Team

  • Main DPS/Sub DPS: Klee, Hu Tao
  • Sub DPS: Yelan
  • Sub DPS/Support: Raiden Shogun, Bennett, Diona
  • Support: Zhongli, Yun Jin

Starter/Budget Team

  • Main DPS: Lisa, Yanfei
  • Sub DPS: Yelan
  • Sub DPS/Support: Diona, Bennett
  • Support: Noelle

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