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Elden Ring: Holy Lightning Axe Build for Strength & Faith

There are tons of build options you can play in Elden Ring. If you’re planning to play a Strength/Faith hybrid, then the Holy Lightning Axe build is for you.




Strength/Faith hybrid builds in Elden Ring aren’t as popular as their pure Strength or pure Faith counterparts. However, the best part about this build is that you can amplify the damage of your melee attacks with the help of certain Incantations.

This build will rely on buffing your weapon with the Electrify Armament which grants Lightning Damage or the Order’s Blade which adds Holy Damage to your weapon, both scaling off your Incantation Scaling. Now, Incantation Scaling will scale depending on the type of sacred seal you’re using, but since we’re going for a STR/FAI hybrid, we’ll be going for the Clawmark Seal for this one.

Holy Lightning Axe Build for Strength & Faith in Elden Ring

To get started, you’ll want to go for the Warped Axe as your main weapon. You can farm this weapon from the ax-wielding Ogres which you can see just close to the Underground Roadside site of grace deep within the Subterranean Shunning Grounds.

The weapon has a standard C scaling in Strength which can go up to B at max upgrade level. However, you’ll want to infuse it with the Heavy affinity to change the scaling to S, allowing you to benefit from the Strength investment which you’ll be putting on your character.

After that, you’ll want to obtain the Clawmark Seal which you can get from Gurranq after giving him a Deathroot. This will be the seal you want to use as it scales both off of Strength and Faith which is perfect for this build.

As for the talismans, you’ll want both the Shard of Alexander for extra skill damage and the Lightning Scorpion Charm talisman for increased lightning damage. Alternatively, you can go for the Sacred Scorpion Charm if you’re leaning more towards holy damage.

For the buffs, you’ll want both Golden Vow and Flame, Grant Me Strength for an extra bonus to your physical damage. Then, either Electrify Armament or Order’s Blade for your weapon. Lastly, you’ll want to apply the Sword Dance ash of war to your weapon.

The gameplay of this build is pretty simple. Before you engage in a fight, buff both Golden Vow and Flame, Grant Me Strength as well as your weapon buff of choice. After that, use the Sword Dance ash of war whenever you get a window until your enemy drops dead.

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