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Elden Ring: Best Rune Farm After Patch 1.04

The new Elden Ring patch 1.04 fixes a glitch that players took advantage of to farm Runes, but there is still a way around it




In Elden Ring, you need a lot of Runes to level up your character. Fortunately, you can farm them by exploiting terrain, your abilities, or enemy patterns. Elden Ring Patch tried to fix some of these glitches, but there is still a way to do it.

Best Rune Farm After Patch 1.04 in Elden Ring

The Rune Farm can be accessed by speaking with White Mask Varre who will give you an item that will take you to Mohgwyn Palace. This place has a lot of Rune Farms, one in particular, just requires you to jump off a mountain and you will get Runes.

Climbing Up the Mountain

To trigger the glitch, you will need to jump out of the map. The original way to do this was to climb the mountain by jumping on the broken pillars until you reach the top. However, with the recent patch, you can no longer jump up.

Fortunately, you can simply go to the right side of the pillars where you can find bloody rocks and climb on them instead.

Once you reach the top, double jump off the side of the mountain and start swinging your sword continuously. Just doing this for around 30 seconds will yield around gained 160,000 Runes.

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