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Don’t Starve Together: Tree Jam Guide

Unlike, Don’t Starve, which is a single-player game. Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer game in the wilderness.




Don’t Starve Together’s goal is pretty clear from the name. Players are in a world in which darkness is their cruelest opponent, and their everyday task is to find enough food to eat while building a base camp and fighting monsters.

In this game, you visit a new and unknown planet filled with odd animals, dangers, and surprises. Gather materials to make goods and structures appropriate for your survival style. Do whatever it takes to survive, but in all, don’t go hungry.

Tree Jam Guide – Don’t Starve Together

Danger lurks around every corner (or wave) in this game, frequently in the form of Cookie Cutters, Sea Stacks, or a randomly spawned Malbatross. So today’s topic would be tree congestion. In this game, it’s an item.

Tree Jam

Tree Jam was introduced in the waterlogged beta and is only available in Don’t Starve Together. The Waterlogged biome is a haven for sailors and a one-stop-shop for supplies while travelling.

Two Figs and a Glommer’s Goop are used to make the tree jam but Fig causes traffic delays. So picking them from mossy vines is another way to get them. This snarl can be advantageous in a variety of ways.

It can be used to enrich Knobbly Trees to transform them into Above-Average Tree Trunks and instantly grow any Tree by one stage. In addition, it is used as a plant fertilizer. It could also be used to secure holes in boats without patching.

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