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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Wall-E’s Hidden Requirement for the Broken Memory

Dig up Clues to get to Wall-E’s Hidden Memory.




Pixar’s Wall-E is one of the first characters unlocked to teach you the gardening feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Continuing to raise your friendship level with him to level 4 should unlock the next set of tasks for him via Quests.

The problem is, you would have to stumble upon hidden tasks to unlock the quests in most of Wall-E’s Quest objectives and it might be a little difficult if you don’t know what you are supposed to do to activate it.

In this guide, we will be talking about Wall-E’s Friendship Level 4 Quest and how to unlock it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Wall-E’s Hidden Requirement for the Broken Memory in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you reach friendship level 4 with Wall-E, you will have to unlock his memory. That’s the collectable photo images that can be accessed in your achievement tab under memories.

Just continue with your tasks and focus on removing Night Thorns in the Valley. The Memory will be in the form of chance drops from the Night Thorns you clear with your magic.

Show the Memory to Wall-E

After you chance upon the memory, check your inventory and inspect it. It will show you a photo of Wall-E in front of his home in the act of picking up an old cassette recorder. Head over to him and try to guess what he will be trying to tell you.

After trying unsuccessfully to guess what he means, he will ask you to follow him to his home. Inside, search for electric components and show these to Wall-E.

Head to Wall-E’s Realm and collect another Electric Component

You will come across an electric component on the floor. Take these and give them to him. He will then ask you to follow him outside and look for another component in Wall-E’s realm.

Craft 12 Tinkering Parts

After digging for the second component, Wall-E will ask you to craft 12 tinkering parts from your crafting table. The parts require 2 iron ingots to complete 1 tinkering part. You will then have to combine 5 iron ores plus 1 coal ore to make an iron ingot.

Use the tinkering parts to craft the F02937 M3N07 item

Take the Broken item Wall-E hands over to you and repair them at the crafting table. This will require 2 electronic components and 12 tinkering parts.

Bring the Repaired F02937 M3N07 to Wall-E to finish the Quest

Bring the item back to Wall-E. giving it to him will finish the Broken Memory Quest. However, the story is not yet complete, you need to upgrade your friendship level to 8 for you to proceed in the story as well as unlock another hidden memory among others.

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