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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Photo Fervor Guide | Take Photos of Landmarks and Pillars

Take these photos to finish the quest.




If you have played Disney Dreamlight Valley since the Early Access, you may have already unlocked many biomes and invited several Disney characters to your valley. You may also have reached a higher Friendship level with these characters.

One of them is going to give you the Photo Fervor quests, and we are going to show you how to complete them.

Photo Fervor Guide, Take Photos of Landmarks and Pillars in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest Photo Fervor is given by Goofy. You can access this quest if you have reached Friendship level 8 with Goofy, progress further with Remy and Scrooge McDuck, and unlock the Sunlit Plateau, the Forest of Valor, and the Glade of Trust biomes. If you have all of these, you can now go to Goofy to start the quest.

Completing the Quest Photo Fervor

The Photo Fervor quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is about helping Goofy in his scrapbook project. Your task is to take 5 pictures of landmarks and pictures of the 4 pillars.

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The following are the five landmarks neeed for the quest:

The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree

At the center of the Glade of Trust, you are going to find the Giant Willow Tree. Press the take photo button and click on the camera sign to take a picture. The Giant Willow Tree should be inside the picture.

The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard

Travel to the Sunlit Plateau and go to the North East of it to reach the Elephant Graveyard. Take a picture with it.

Scrooge’s Store

Travel to the Plaza and go in front of Scrooge’s Store to take a picture.

Remy’s Restaurant

Go in front of the restaurant and take a picture.

Dream Castle

Go to the Dream Castle and take a picture at the entrance.

Talk to Goofy to finish the first task. He will then instruct you to take pictures of the four pillars.

Pillar of Friendship

The Pillar of Friendship is in the Meadow, on the southwest part of the map.

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Pillar of Power

The Pillar of Power is located in Dazzle Beach. It is in the center area and is surrounded by Palm trees. Go in front of it and take a picture.

Pillar of Courage

The Pillar of Courage is located in the Forest of Valor, in the southwest portion of the map.

Pillar of Trust

The Pillar of Trust is in the southeast of the Glade of Trust. Take a picture with it.

Talk to Goofy to do the last task, which is to take a photo with Goofy. Put a hat on and take a selfie with him. This will then finish the quest.

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