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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Feed a Critter

A new way to get along with cute animals in-game. Learn how to feed a critter in Disney Dreamlight Valley!




When Disney comes in picture, it always comes with magic, sparkles, and cute creatures. These things are surely can be seen as well in the newly released console game, Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In this game, you will be unlocking and exploring new map areas. As you unlock new map areas, you will also be encountering new and different creatures—the critters.

Critters are the animals that you will see roaming freely around their particular areas. The critters you will encounter are sunbirds, squirrels, crocodiles, rabbits, ravens, sea turtles, foxes, and raccoons. But you should remember that these critters are only visible to specific areas.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to meet these critters. Believe it or not, you can interact with them and feed them as well. With that, we will let you know everything you have to understand in feeding critters.

How to Feed a Critter in Disney Dreamlight Valley

These critters can be found in different locations of the map. As they run around, they also get tired and hungry. You’ll know that a critter is hungry if you come closer to them, and a prompt of approach button appears. Press the approach button and the list of gifts available. Just simply pick the food you want to feed them, and it will be automatically given to them.

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However, not all critters like the same type of food. Before giving them a snack, you must first know what type of food they prefer, or else it will not be counted.

All Critters: Where They Live and the Foods They Like

Since there are eight different kinds of critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can say that this environment is a pretty diverse one, too. With that, it is given that they also live in different biomes and act differently among others.

Here is a list of the critters and a detailed information about them.


These magnificent birds live in Sunlit Plateau. You will see them flapping their wings freely in there. Although they are not that hard to interact with, you must need to be a fast walker or runner to keep up with them, or else you will not be able to approach and feed them.

Since the game was just released on September 6 this year, it is still uncertain what type of food they like. However, an orange houseleek is counted as food for them.


Among all the critters, you can say that squirrels are the easiest ones to deal with. If you walk to the plaza, you will see these squirrels running around. You will easily know that they are hungry and wanting a food from you if they run and wait next to you. Once it happens, you’ll have to give them peanuts.

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The thought of feeding crocodiles may seem scary at first, but if you know how to deal with them, it will be just an easy-peasy for you. This type of critter appears in the Glade of Trust.

Crocodiles won’t be approaching you once they feel hungry. Instead, they will just watch you from afar and stand still. When you see a crocodile doing this, it means that it is hungry. The best thing for you to do is wait for them to lower their hands before slowly going near them. But remember to stop when they lift their heads. The best food to give a crocodile is a lobster.


Rabbits are, say, a kind of shy creature. When they are hungry, you will notice that they will run away from you as you chase them, then will bounce up and down. Keep running after them until you get a chance to approach them. Once you succeeded, you can give their favorite food, a carrot.

You can see lots of rabbits when you go to the Peaceful Meadow.


These ravens can be freely found in the Forgotten Lands, However, there is still no record of its favorite food. But it is quite sure that its favorite food is found just around the Forgotten Lands.

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Sea Turtles

You can find these cute sea creatures on Dazzle Beach. We can say that approaching to feed sea turtles requires patience. Although you can easily approach them, it will still take some time before you can feed them. After some time, they will hide inside their shell. For a moment, just stay standing there. When it comes out of its shell, it will be your cue to give them its favorite food, seaweed.


Foxes are also one of the critters that are easy to read. They will show you that they are hungry by running and barking at you. If they do this, chase them around until you can approach and feed them. Their favorite food is white sturgeon.

You can spot foxes in Frosted Heights.


You can find these fast-moving creatures in the Forest of Valor. We can say that raccoons and crocodiles have a lot of things in common. You will also know that raccoons are hungry if they are also sitting in one place and staring at you from afar.

You should also consider moving slowly towards them if they are looking down. Otherwise, you have to stop. The favorite food of raccoons are blueberries.

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