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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Tale of Stone and Fire

Complete the quest to upgrade your pickaxe.




In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are given Royal Tools that are essential in the game. They can be used in gathering materials or breaking some areas.

They can also be upgraded by doing quests. One of the quests that can upgrade a Royal Tool is the “A Tale of Stone and Fire,” quest and we are going to show you how to complete it.

A Tale of Stone and Fire in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest A Tale of Stone and Fire is given by Maui after reaching friendship level 4 with him. To unlock Maui, you need to invite Moana to the Valley by finishing her quests in Moana’s Realm. Invite Maui afterward.

Completing A Tale of Stone and Fire

After reaching Friendship level 4 with Maui, follow him to an area in Dazzle Beach to examine things. He is then going to tell you that he can upgrade your pickaxe, but he needs you to gather things from his island first.

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Travel to Moana’s Realm and go to the other side of the boat to interact with the storage basket. Take the items inside and give them to Maui. He is then going to ask you to cook him a 5-star meal.

One of the easy 5-star meals you can cook is the Bouillabaisse, which requires a Tomato, another vegetable, Shrimp, and 2 more other Seafood. Bring the meal to Maui for him to upgrade your Pickaxe.

Follow him back to Dazzle Beach and break the blue rock on the beach; pick up the sandstone it drops. Give it to Maui and he is going to ask you to craft a Granite Fire Bowl, which needs 20 Sands, 25 Stone, 10 Coal Ore, and 3 Red Falling Penstemon.

Create the Fire Bowl in the Crafting Station and place it anywhere in the village to finish the quest. Speak to Maui to complete everything.

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