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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Deal With Ursula Guide

Complete this quest to obtain Ursula’s dress.




Disney Dreamlight Valley is a game where you can invite Disney characters as villagers and level up your Friendship with them. They will give you various quests, where you can obtain cosmetics, furniture, and Royal Tool upgrades.

One of the quests is “A Deal With Ursula,” and we are going to show you what you need to do to complete it.

A Deal With Ursula Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest “A Deal With Ursula” is a Friendship quest that is given by Ursula once you reach Friendship Level 10 with her.

To reach this level,  you just need to give her meals and flowers. You also need to check the items she wants every day and give them to her to receive extra experience. She is going to reward you a dress once you finish the quest.

Completing A Deal With Ursula

When you reach Friendship level 10 with Ursula, talk to her to trigger the quest. The first thing to do is to investigate the ruins in the Forgotten Lands. Go to the place where you can find 4 pedestals. Afteward, pick up the Dark Crystal from one of the Pedestals and bring it to Ursula.

She is going to ask you to find the 3 remaining crystals in the village. The first crystal can be found at the center of the Glade of Trust, below a huge root of the big tree on the right.

The second crystal can be found at Frosted Heights. Go to the place indicated by a yellow circle in the picture above. You are going to see the crystal close to the river. The last remaining crystal is in the Sunlit Plateau. It is found on the side of the pond close to the entrance of the Forgotten Lands.

Go back to the ruins and place the crystals on the 4 pedestals. Pick up the Magic Crystal that appeared in the center of the 4 pedestals, and give it to Ursula.

This will complete the quest, and she is going to give you the Sea Witch’s Gown. Completing this quest also starts the Poor Unfortunate Prince.

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