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Destiny 2: How to FARM Guardian Games

The Guardian Games 2022 is here, and players are competing against each other to farm as many Medallions as they can to help their Class win the event.




The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 is a yearly event that puts players of different classes working hard to make sure their Class wins by farming as many Medallions as they possibly can. In the previous event, it was the Titan Class who won, and this year, it will be up to the Hunters and Warlocks to unseat the Titans and claim the spot.

If you’re wondering how to farm Guardian Games to help make your Class win, then this guide is for you.

How to FARM Guardian Games in Destiny 2

The mechanics of the event is simple: players will need to deposit as many Medallions into the Guardian Games Podium, and the Class with the most Medallions deposited wins.

To participate in the event, you’ll want to look for Eva Levante, grab your class item, go to an activity playlist (be it Crucible, Gambit, or Strikes), and complete it to receive Laurels and Medallions. Once done, go back to Eva to receive your Medallion Case. Add it to your quest log, and you’ll then get introduced to the Guardian Games playlists.

Now that you’ve taken part in the event, let’s now start talking about how you can farm the Guardian Games. First off, you can obtain Laurels by simply defeating enemies using your Class’s abilities. You can also obtain it from the “yellow health bar” enemies you encounter in the game. Meanwhile, Medallions are obtained from Vanguard Ops and completing event activities.

How to Farm Laurels 

Possibly the fastest and most efficient method of farming Laurels is to head over to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. In this dungeon, you’ll be fighting against the opening phase Ads which can be taken down pretty quickly, allowing you to earn a ton of Laurels.

Make sure that the class item you got from Eva is equipped, otherwise, you won’t be getting any Laurels at all.

How to Farm Medallions

As for the Medallions, you’ll need to complete all Guardian Games activities to earn as many Medallions as possible. This can be made a lot easier by forming a strong team to increase your rate and chances of completing the activities.

Another way is to take part in Hero Nightfall, though the amount of Medallions you can earn this way is a lot less. You can also check the Triumphs page for any Medals and Triumphs that you can complete.

Not only will these Triumphs reward you with Medallions, but they’ll also give you Laurels as well.

What are the Rewards?

If your Class managed to win the Guardian Games for this year, you will receive the new Void SMG known as The Title. Aside from that, you can also get the Eververse Guardian Games-themed cosmetics and the Heir Apparent catalyst which can’t be earned somewhere else.

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