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Coromon: How to Get Lunar Pup

Lunar Pup is a Ghost type Coromon that resembles a small wolf pup. Here’s how you can find one and catch it.




Lunar Pup features ghostly powers and comes with three different traits namely Gravity Pull, Menacing, and Dark Atmosphere. The first trait grants it a 25% chance of preventing enemies from fleeing during combat while the second trait allows it to lower its enemy’s attack. It’s also useful outside of combat as it will repel weaker Coromons. The last trait causes it to start twilight during the start of a battle.

These traits are what make this Coromon sought after among players. Let’s find out how you can catch one.

How to Get Lunar Pup in Coromon

There are two areas where you can find a Lunar Pup. First is the Thunderous Cave and the second is Pawbury. However, Thunderous Cave is the more popular hunting spot, so we’ll focus on that area in this guide.

To start, you simply have to visit Thunderous Cave. The area has 4 floors which are divided into 5 different areas. For this guide, you want to head to BF1. There, you’ll find a small area just below the first floor. This can be accessed via a ladder on Floor 1.

Do take note that this is the only area in the cave where you can find a Lunar Pup. The good thing is that you will encounter a few of them while exploring. You will mostly encounter Lumons and a few other Coromons while making your way to the area where Lunar Pups spawn.

Once you’ve gone down the ladder, the area will be shrouded in darkness. You can use Illuminate to increase your vision, then simply explore the area until you finally encounter a Lunar Pup. Make sure to use a Golden Spinner to increase your chances of catching one.

If your first Golden Spinner fails to catch it, you can whittle down its health by attacking it a few times before using the item again. After a few tries, you should be able to get your very own Lunar Pup.

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