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Coromon: How to Get a Perfect Starter

This guide will teach you how to get a Perfect Grade starter in the monster-catching RPG Coromon.




Coromons have a multitude of grades defined by their Potential Value. Ranging from Standard to Potent and ultimately to Perfect grades. We’ll tell you all you need to know about grades and how to get a Perfect starter.

How to Get a Perfect Starter in Coromon

The only real way to get a Perfect Grade starter Coromon is to keep re-rolling at the start of the game. This is a slow process that requires lots of patience, so be ready for that. You’ll also need a new save. However, the good news is that you don’t really need to roll for exactly a Perfect grade Coromon.

Let’s first uncover what a Perfect Grade is. Coromons all have a Potential Value stat that goes up to 21. A Coromon with a Potential Value (PV) of 21 is considered to be a “Perfect Grade”. These Coromons get Bonus Stat Points, making them ultimately more powerful than other Coromon with lower PVs. For the purpose of this guide, you’ll want to re-roll until you get either a 20 or 21 PV. Let’s go over the re-rolling part of the process.

How to Re-roll Starter Coromon

It’s recommended to first go to Settings and set Text Speed as high as possible. This should speed up the process a lot. Now, let’s go over the steps.

Start a new game and go to the Coromon Lab in Lux Solis. Speak with the receptionist and tell her you already have followed a Lux Solid trainer course before. Then select “The lest extended course” to skip most of the tutorial. Now make absolutely sure to save before you pass the automatic sliding door. This will be your restart point.

Now it’s time to start re-rolling for a Perfect starter. Talk to Nelson until you can finally select your starter. Check their stats by selecting Summary. You’ll want to look under their XP bar and find how many points they need for their next level. If they need 24 points for their next level, they have a PV of 20. This should look like “To next: 100 / 24”. A PV of 20 is honestly enough, as you can increase it to 21 and get a Perfect Coromon. If you luck out and the XP required for next level is lower than 24, you got a Perfect Coromon right away. If it’s any higher, it’s not good enough and you should reroll.

To reroll, simply exit the game without saving and reload your saved game. Keep reloading, checking the stats and quitting until you get a good enough Coromon.

After you get a Coromon with a PV of 20, follow the next part of this guide. Again, this means 24 XP is required to level. Any lower and it’s a perfect PV of 21 and you are done. Any higher and it’s not really good enough for this.

Increasing your Coromon’s PV

After you did the previous step and got a Coromon with a PV of 20, keep playing the game until you reach Donar Island. The Trainer Hub in the 2nd floor has an NPC called Oleg. Use his Potentiflate option on your Coromon and it will increase its PV. This can only be done once per Coromon, however.

However, your starter Coromon with a PV of 20 will go up to a PV of 21. This turns it into a Perfect Grade Coromon! That’s the easiest way to get a Perfect starter.

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